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Finished my Joy Division tattoo today. I think it came out rather good, if I do say so myself. Tim Lebron from Shamrock Tattoo Company did an amazing job. For those wondering: lines were NOT meant to be straight. We stayed true to the album cover as much as possible. 

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First look at my *first* tattoo. Not my favourite Joy Division song, but my favourite lyric of any band. Will be turned into a full piece later this year.

Oh, and fuck the Westboro Baptist church.

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I’ve been bulking for the past two weeks. I’ve gained nine pounds, and it’s scary inside my head sometimes, how much I want to skip meals because I have to eat so much food just to maintain, never mind gain. 

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Going to New York tonight. Well, technically, in the morning. 

My camera has been acting terrible lately, making my pictures grainy and blurry. So much for the S3 having a great all-around camera. 

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A quote from one of my recent short stories. The story is currently in revision, but I really like this line. 

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My story Just the Two of Us was just accepted for publication. Very excited, as this is my first semi-professional sale. 

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